Trip to Washington D.C. for POTUS Trump's Inaguration

Alan Johnson, Gary Don Holley, Dan Doktor, and Austin Media were on the ground in Washington D.C. to pray and spread the good new of Jesus Christ while carrying the cross during this highly volatile and transitional point in our nation’s history. We prayed for them as they followed the lead of the Holy Spirit and expected for great things to happen!

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A note from the team on how the trip went:

Dear Team Jesus,

Thank you for traveling with us dear friends On Mission!!

Wednesday- Traveled 1200 miles to Washington DC, Loved folks every mile

Thursday- Fervent Prayer all the way around the Capital of America with 100’s of like hearted courageous Saints of the Lord Jesus. We met Christ followers from all around the world prophesying and believing that the Hand of the Living God is upon America!!!

Friday- 4am Spontaneous Prayer mtg while waiting at Inauguration Gates

6am – While we stood with the Crosses at the Gate, hundreds of angry raging deceived young ladies protesting Trump, stormed us . For 3 hours We stood gently with the Cross singing Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me and I have Decided to Follow Jesus 100 times and smiling in the face of the devil. Many young girls saw the Cross and couldn’t look into our eyes, but they know they are loved. The riot was all around but the Peace of Jesus carried us.

Noon- we attended the inauguration and applauded with Thousands of Conservatives who love Jesus every time the name of Almighty God was mentioned, and it was OFTEN!!!

Saturday – Protest Rally. We saw a little bit of Hell, 300,000 Rebellious Women spewed great hate toward men, white people, Trump, abortion, human rights everything under the sun and even among themselves. They are collectively angry but don’t understand the real battle is against satan.

We met a dignified 78 year old man there Pat C, he was a leader in the Jesus movement of the 1970’s and carried the Cross with Author Blessett. He is a film producer and was instrumental in helping conservatives prevail.

Pat said something very simple. I preach it, we preach and we live LOVE but I Pat said it best:

“You can’t hate your Mission Field…”. WOW!!!!!

Saturday night- Baltimore- we worshiped with our Awesome African American family till 3am!!! Lost all track of time with this anointed church . We are praying they will join us in East Texas someday in Jesus name

Sunday- Philadelphia- we found 2 street guys in an underground bus terminal , Earnest and Terrance, they are becoming new creations. We took them to the LibertyBell, they blessed us greatly. Terrance is a high Jumper, like Tigger. Our God is so creative!

Then we went to the Kensington Barrio, the Heroin Capital, and shared Jesus on the dark streets with dozens of lost hurting addicts. Heartbreaking

Today- In NYC (Pergamum) the greatest thing happened, I SAW MY AWESOME SON HUNTER!!! We had a great visit!!! He helped us carry the Cross on the SUBWAY and thru Central Park! Many turned there heart to Jesus and a sweet lost wealthy young lady spit up 100 demons in Jesus name!

At you Lord we are Amazed but not Surprised

We give you Glory that our names are WRITTEN IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!!!

God led us to examine the 7 churches, God gave revelation as we saw the spiritual battle unfolding before us. The Victory is ours, declares the Lord God!

Your prayers are not merely an emotional exchange but a Great Power source in the Spirit

Thank you Dear Friends!!!


We are coming home now but we and you will always be ON MISSION!!!

Gary Don, Austin, Dan, Alan